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Eco Living: Green is the New Black in Eco Fashion

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 in Eco-Fashion
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Eco living is advocated to be an essential part of our daily lives, so why not incorporate this lifestyle into our closets as well!  Eco-Fashion is a growing industry in the world of fashion and couture making the average customer aware of eco trends.

On average Americans generate 11.8 million tons of textile waste every year.  What is the solution? If we can maximize the lifespan of clothing by donating clothes, purchasing clothes and textiles made from upcycled materials or buying organic, natural and sustainable fabrics we can extend the life of our clothing pieces and reduce the amount of waste that enters the landfills.

Organic CottonAs individuals become educated on the benefits of organic and sustainable clothing; awareness will take precedence as the green community gains greater support.  Organic and  friendly products still remain more expensive because the cost to harvest and manufacture these products is higher.  Typically when we pay more money for particular items we have an expectation that we have not only paid for brand name but for the quality of the goods themselves.  Organic clothing has a much longer lifespan than conventional clothing as they were not harvested and manufactured with conventional chemicals.  The fabric is softer and reduces skin sensitivity.   Have you ever noticed how many times small holes just randomly appear in conventional cotton clothing?

It is my intention to bring awareness within the green community not only on eco clothing and eco fashion accessories but to attain a greater sense of how to live an eco lifestyle.

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.” – David Orr