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GREEN2012 – Lead by Example and Join the Eco Revolution in 2012

Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2011 in 2011 Events, Sale Event

Modern Vintage Attic invites you to join us in 2012 to continue our mission of making a difference in Saving the Earth…

It is Modern Vintage Attic’s intent to help increase the number of non-toxic, green and organic homes in the US, Canada and around the world. This will help create a healthier environment for our families while reducing the amount of damage done to our Earth and its habitats.

Know that our growth also means that we are jointly creating a better planet for you, our children and the world. Supporting North American companies like Modern Vintage Attic and our Great Partners will help the local economies. You should all be proud for leading by example.

Please take advantage of the upcoming holiday sales in effect from Dec 26-31, 2011:

1) Enter GREEN2012 @ check out and receive a $20.12 discount on your next order ($100.00 Minimum) placed by 12.31.11.

2) Enter BOXINGWEEK25 @ checkout and receive 25% discount on your next order ($125.00 Minimum) placed by 12.31.11