Food Allergies on the Rise

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Food Allergies
I found the article Allergies are on the rise and we may be part of the problem very interesting. Going back to my childhood I had intolerances to some vegetables, grains, and dairy; however, it was nothing that posed major health issues. Going to school back in the day, you could take whatever you wanted in your lunch bucket. It was just last year when my daughter started pre-school and I realized exactly how many children in one classroom had a variety of allergies. There were no nuts of any kind including peanuts, sesame, and a few other guidelines that had to be followed. Grocery shopping now became an adventure each time. I had to read all the ingredients in any snacks that I thought might be a good healthy choice for school. It is surprising how many products contain these items. It does make it easier with the new labeling guidelines to quickly see if it is a peanut free product. Kindergarten this year is no exception, again with a list of items that can’t be sent. I know when I was expecting with my first child, the doctor and pregnancy tips suggested that you do not eat certain foods to avoid potential allergies, but I am not sure it is all what it is cracked up to be. Since it was first my pregnancy, you practically follow a book and listen to all your health professionals’ advice. Four years later, I was pregnant with our second baby, but this time around I ate everything. I am introducing more foods to her than I did to my first and so far there has been no problems. Letting your children try food early, get dirty once in a while, and collect a few germs may actually help strengthen their immune system. It is a crazy world full of tons of information, I guess you just have to read and read and read and do what your gut tells you is right. This leads me to a discussion on immunization for another day, a topic of controversy – good or bad, you decide.

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