Funky Retro Vinyl Record Cuffs by Eye Pop Art

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Get the Funk Out and wear some music on your wrist!  In my quest of sourcing new suppliers I always look for originality and something I totally love.  Face it, if it is not something I would wear myself the likeliness of me supplying it will be very slim.  I happened to stroll across theses really neat retro recycled vinyl cuffs in my green google search and had to find out more about this company.Eye Pop Art

Who is Eye Pop Art and where are you located?

My name is Christine Claringbold and I live in Portland, OR, USA.

What inspired you to create art and jewelry from vinyl records?

Black Spiral Record CuffI got started mostly out of necessity. I wanted to start painting but had no money to buy canvas, so I just started decorating the things that were already around – furniture, walls, and whatever was free.  I love using recycled and reclaimed materials and when a friend of my husband’s gave us a box of old records, I discovered my ability to create mandalas, which have become the basis of my work.  I have been painting mandalas on records and transforming them into functional home decor items since 1997.  I started making Roman Record Cuffs in 2006 when I was looking for a way to create a simple, low-priced, wearable item.  The cuffs are now my bread and butter.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Color Wheel ClockI am inspired by the 1960s, you know, the psychedelic era. I have a huge collection of vintage psychedelic coffee cups and I am just crazy about the stylized flower motifs and groovy designs. I also love children’s art, and music.

Where do you source all the vinyl records to make your creative designs?
People just give them to me!  Friends and people who I don’t even know will contact me when they’re finally at the point of cleaning out their old LP collection (it seems to happen to everyone at some point).

I recently found that I was running low on records and put out a call on facebook, which led me to a used record store that was going out of business…I picked up a whole carload of records from them and now I think I am set for a good long time!

Do you have a favorite vinyl collection for creating your work? No, I really don’t.

I do sort all the records with my husband and we set aside the ones we think are worth keeping (and yes, we have a record player and enjoy listening to records at home).  I also sort the thicker, older ones from the thinner, more flexible, newer records.  The thick ones can only be used for clocks since they are not very easy to heat and shape.  The thin and more flexible ones are used for the bowls, pinwheels, and cuffs.

Other than that criteria, I’d say “anything goes.”  I paint on polka, disco, soul, country, classical, easy listening, ’70s folk, ’80s crap, and all kinds of weird stuff that I’ve never heard of.  We keep most of the good rock and roll records and classic country and anything that just looks too cool to be “destroyed,” but other than that I’ve painted on just about every type of record under the sun.

When you are not busy crafting up a new design or preparing orders what do you enjoy doing?
VignettesI love to read!  I also enjoy spending time with my family (husband Charles and two teenage kids, Tangereen and Julius).  I am a backup singer in a punk rock band called Dartgun and the Vignettes, and we practice twice a week and play a couple of shows each month at rock clubs around Portland.  I love doing promotional stuff for the band and that is kind of my hobby.  And, I love to decorate and enjoy thrift store shopping for groovy vintage stuff from the 1960s and 1970s, especially the psychedelic coffee cups.

I think it is important to know a little bit about the supplier and what drives their interests in the work they create.  So there it is folks, a little more info on my friend Christine Claringbold and Eye Pop Art.  Join me and become a fan of Eye Pop Art where you can also check out other great works of art on Etsy!

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