Welcoming the New Year with a “Blue Moon”

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 in Earth Events
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I have to admit my most favorite time of relaxation is looking out into a clear night sky filled with stars and the light shining from a full moon. This past New Year’s Eve skies were spectacular. I always use the term once in a blue moon but never really understood where that term was derived from.

A blue moon’s definition is a second full moon that occurs within a single month. This past year a full moon appeared on December 2, 2008 and again December 31, 2008. We normally only see 12 full moons during a year since it cycles 29.5 days; therefore, a blue moon will only occur every 2.5 years. You can mark your calendars for 2028, in 19 years time when the next New Year’s Eve ‘blue moon will occur.

In amongst all the celebrating and resolution planning take some time just to enjoy some of the natural beauty around us. It does not take long before the hectic lifestyles take over and soon another year has gone by before you even know it.

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