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Coconuts used for Car Parts

Posted on Friday, January 9th, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Coconut husk

Coconut husk. Coconuts are the seed of the coconut palm tree, which grows throughout the tropics. The top 5 coconut-growing nations in the world are the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Thailand. Credit: Baylor University Photography

Who would have thought the use of coconuts to replace synthetic automotive parts would be the next green automotive breakthrough? Are coconut cars going to be part of our future? I think it is a remarkable idea, not only is it an abundant renewable resource, but it uses coconut fibers from the coconut husks which are often discarded in piled up mounds creating potential health risks. These piles can collect water and become a breeding ground for malaria-causing mosquitoes. By using the waste from the coconut, this may as a result help to create a sustainable economic development for the coconut farming industry in various countries. Read more »